An excellent formula for quality: handmade design, authentic Finnish experience and highest-quality equipment.


Finland is known as a country of saunas for good reason. An interesting fact that reflects this passion is that the nation has more saunas than cars. This situation will guarantee you the best quality.

Our Services

Sauna Design

We collaborate with architects and create a unique design that creates a very cosy home atmosphere or luxurious surroundings.

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Sauna Construction

Hyper Sauna is committed to top-level standards and precision in crafting work.

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Sauna Renovation and Maintenance

Considering the extreme conditions (high temperature jumps, humidity), sauna requires regular maintenance.

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Floor Heating

This kind of heating would turn your sauna into even more cozy and comfortable environment.

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Hyper Sauna offers a place, where you can choose how your future sauna will look like, including arrangement, lighting, stoves and wood texture. With our saunas, the beauty is not just skin deep. Our saunas are designed to look just as good as they’ll make you feel. To do this we combine natural elements of wood, cotton and steel to make our saunas looks good from the inside and out.