Finnish quality

Finland is known as a country of saunas for good reason. An interesting fact that reflects this passion is that the nation has more saunas than cars.
This position will guarantee you the best quality, including:

A unique design that creates a very cosy home atmosphere or luxurious surroundings

An excellent formula for quality: handmade design, authentic Finnish experience and highest-quality equipment

Compliance with standards at all stages of a project to achieve the best results, which are highly appreciated by our customers

Good to know – benefits for the body and soul

Once you choose a sauna with the best heat and moisture balance, it is worth learning something about the benefits for your body.
After 10–20 minutes in the sauna, a person’s heart rate increases by 50–70 per cent, equivalent to what it would be after one hour of physical exercise. By spending 30 minutes in the sauna, you will burn as many as 400 calories! Moreover, doing this will accelerate the circulation of nutrients in your body and promote the loss of liquids through intense sweating. However, the lost moisture balance must be restored, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids.
Sweating improves the function of the liver and kidney, which are responsible for filtering in our body – especially in the winter, when we sweat much less than in the summer. A sauna is also highly beneficial for the skin.


Hyper Sauna offers a place, where you can choose how your future sauna will look like, including arrangement, lighting, stoves and wood texture. With our saunas, the beauty is not just skin deep. Our saunas are designed to look just as good as they’ll make you feel. To do this we combine natural elements of wood, cotton and steel to make our saunas looks good from the inside and out.

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